Act like a coach

Former CEO of Atlas Copco and sports coach Paul Van Den Bosch understand that there is a huge similarity between coaching skills in sport and in business. Which is not that strange, because the pressure in the business world and in our society in general are continually increasing.

More than ever, we are expected to be flexible, to demonstrate resilience and stay focused, even when confronted with problems and stress. Talent must have the chance to shine, we must build more trust, we must communicate more and communicate better… An experienced sports coach and a manager should have all these skills.

This book contains tried and tested ‘coaching recipes’, which have been proven to be effective in sport and in business at the very highest level, but which you can also use to lead your children, partner, friends or employees to a higher level.

‘I really enjoyed reading ‘Act like a Coach’. This is a compelling and easy to read book with a lot of interesting ‘coaching recipes’ from sports that can be used in business, as well as in daily life.’
- Siviu Popovich. President Pepsico Europe & Sub Sahara Africa

‘Het boek is ook een voltreffer. Daar houden ze van: kort en krachtig, erdoor bladeren en meteen een hoop inzichten verwerven.’
- Marijke Lein. VIB

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